Non-naturalization under Ranov-permit holders

Non-naturalization under Ranov-permit holders

A study of background characteristics, motivation and perceived barriers (full text only available in Dutch)


In 2007, approximately 27 000 foreigners received a residence permit under a so-called Generaal Pardon (Amnesty). As of June 15th 2012, these so called Ranov permit holders could submit an application for naturalization since they met the naturalization requirement of five years admission in the Netherlands by that date. Until September 2014 two thirds of Ranov permit holders did not yet hand in an application for naturalization. This study investigates the motives of Ranov permit holders to not submit a request for naturalization. The following research questions were formulated:

  1. What are the background characteristics of non-naturalized Ranov permit holders and do they differ from the characteristics of former Ranov permit holders who have naturalized?
  2. What reasons do (former) Ranov permit holders give for whether or not to opt for Dutch nationality?
  3. Did Ranov permit holders experience obstacles when applying for naturalization and if so, what obstacles did they experience?

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Schans, J.M.D., Beukering, I. van
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2015-08

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