Disputes experienced by small and medium-sized businesses

Civil law and civil procedure / Bailiffs

Disputes experienced by small and medium-sized businesses

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The study focusses on small and medium-sized businesses up to ten employees. These businesses are presumably more vulnerable than larger SME-businesses (up to 249 employees) when confronted with a conflict. They have less economic and legal resources as well as less experience with solving (potential) legal problems. Nevertheless, the present study provides insight into the lion's share of the business economy: 96% of all SME's are between one and ten employees in size. The research questions are:

  • How many businesses have experienced civil-law and administrative-law conflicts in the past year? What is the nature of these conflicts?
  • How many businesses have turned to legal professionals and (extra) judicial proceedings in the past year? Which were these? And for what reasons did they decide not to use service providers and procedures?
  • How did the most important conflict of the past year end, and what were the results of the approach taken?
  • How do businesses assess the used services provided by legal professionals and ruling authorities?
  • In general, how do businesses perceive their access to justice and what is their level of trust in the legal system?

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Geurts, T., Voert, M.J. ter
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2019-11

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