Fast, meaningful and meticulous

Crime and delinquency / Petty crime

Fast, meaningful and meticulous

An interim evaluation of the implementation of the accelerated procedure in the penal system (full text only available in Dutch)


The underlying idea of the accelarated procedure (in Dutch: ZSM) was that with a faster process more efficient and effective action could be taken against frequently occurring crimes. The abbreviation ZSM stands originally for As Fast, Smart, Selective, Simple, Together and Societally Targeted as Possible. That palette of ambitions was then bundled into three objectives: ‘Fast’, ‘Meaningful’ and ‘Meticulous’.

On the basis of existing written information on the accelerated procedure, supplemented with empirical data collected by means of focus groups and expert interviews, this interim evaluation provides an analysis of the progress of the implementation of the accelerated procedure in the penal system and the (side-)effects that this procedure has on the substantive (legal) and procedural level.

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Simon Thomas, M.A., Kampen, P. van, Lent, L. van, Schiffelers, M.-J., Langbroek, P., Erp, J. van
University Utrecht - Faculty of Law, WODC
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University Utrecht - Faculty of Law
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