Robbers returning to the municipality

Detention and probation / Discharged prisoners undergoing rehabilitation

Robbers returning to the municipality

Evaluation of the de pilot BIOS (full text only available in Dutch)


On the recommendation of the chairman of the Robbery Task Force, and at the order of the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, the pilot Administrative Information Hold-ups and Robberies (BIOS pilot) started on 1 April 2014. Since that time, thirteen municipalities (mayors) receive information on former prisoners who have been convicted of a hold-up or robbery and who are re-entering society. Specifically, they receive information on the return date, the last known address in the municipal administration system, the type of conviction, and any possible special conditions imposed. Municipalities can use the information to strengthen the local approach to tackling hold-ups and robberies.
The study must provide insight into the extent to which the supplied BIOS information enhances the action perspective of mayors. Subsequently, the results of the study can be involved in the decision regarding a possible follow-up phase of the pilot.

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