Evaluation Pilots Self-Reliance Detainees

Detention and probation / Penitentiary programme

Evaluation Pilots Self-Reliance Detainees

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The problem definition of the research is as follows: ‘Where is space to give detainees and staff (self-reliant teams) more responsibilities in everyday work and life in a penitentiary institution and to what extent do the measures taken in the pilots lead to cost reductions?’ All this while maintaining the quality and safety. On the basis of this problem definition a twofold objective has been formulated: (1) investigate to what extent the detainees and staff can be self-reliant/self-directed in the pilot and finding out where this self-reliance is bound by frameworks with respect to safety, laws and regulations, costs, capabilities of (weak) detainees and detention quality, and (2) investigate whether the measures taken during the pilot lead to cost reductions.

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Jong, B.J. de, Willems, P.J.H., Burik, A.E. van
VanMontfoort , WODC
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Van Montfoort
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