‘Staying busy keeps my mind off things’

‘Staying busy keeps my mind off things’

Evaluation of the pilot project ‘Activating residents at family locations’ (full text only available in Dutch)


This report concerns an evaluation of the pilot project ‘Activating residents at family locations’. Family locations provide shelter for families with minor children who have been told that they have to leave the country due to their request for asylum having been refused, and other alien families without residency status in the Netherlands. The main objective of the pilot, as stated by the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, is to promote the voluntary return of residents of family locations to their countries of origin. An addition goal is to have a beneficial effect on residents' well-being, which is expected to lead to a decrease in their use of medical services.
The key research questions concerned the assumptions that the pilot was based on, the way in which the pilot was implemented, the way in which residents and contributors experienced pilot activities, and the extent to which their experiences are in line with the goals set.

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Boersema, E., Sportel, I.D.A., Smit, M., Leerkes, A.S.
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2015-06

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