Preliminary study of record-keeping in the TBS sector

Preliminary study of record-keeping in the TBS sector

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In 2011, a study was carried out for WODC (the Research and Documentation Centre at the Ministry of Security and Justice) into the execution of TBS orders (Van Nieuwenhuizen et al., 2011). TBS, an abbreviation of terbeschikkingstelling, refers to detention under a hospital order. The main aim of the 2011 study was to provide information on how the execution of TBS orders takes shape in practice and to determine to what extent the findings of academic research are being applied in the treatment of forensic patients.
In this preliminary study, record-keeping was examined by means of a questionnaire sent to the clinics. Additional information was obtained from phone interviews, and a meeting was held at the end. Following consultation with the supervisory committee, the study by Van Nieuwenhuizen et al. was used as a point of reference for the aspects to be focused on in the investigation of the files.

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