First experiences with urgent preventive body search

First experiences with urgent preventive body search

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Since July 2014 the options for preventive body search have been expanded. An amendment of the Municipalities Act (Article 174b) made it possible that in unforeseen and emergency situations the mayor can designate an area for a maximum of twelve hours as a safety risk area. For this emergency variant of preventive body search it is not necessary that the city council grants prior authority to the mayor through the APV.
More than 18 months after the change in legislation, the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) of the Ministry of Security and Justice wanted to investigate how often urgent preventive body search has been applied, what the considerations were and what experiences have been gained. The outcomes of the research are used to give the House of Representatives a first impression of the use and the experiences of urgent preventive body search in practice.

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Bouwmeester, J., Holzmann, M., Siermann, T., Flight, S.
I&O Research , Sander Flight Onderzoek en Advies, WODC
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