Particle Accelerator in Law?

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Particle Accelerator in Law?

Research into potential accelerating factors in judicial subproceedings for personal injury and loss of dependency claims as regards out-of-court negotiations (full text only available in Dutch)


It has long been known that settlement of injury and loss of dependency (personal injury) claims after an accident can be difficult and can take a long time. The Subproceedings in Personal Injury and Loss of Dependency claims Act entered into effect on 1 July 2010 after initiatives aimed at facilitating settlements, such as self-regulation and specific mediation, turned out not to be sufficiently effective.
a study is conducted, stating the problem as follows:

  1. Is the Subproceedings Act effective, meaning does the Act speed up the settlement of personal injury and loss of dependency claims? If this is not or not sufficiently the case, what is the reason for this?
  2. What are the positive and the negative consequences of the Subproceedings Act? Are there also side effects?
  3. In what areas could the Subproceedings Act also be opened up and on the basis of which arguments?

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Wesselink, M.M.
Stichting Overheid en Recht , WODC
Stichting Onderzoek en Recht
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