Theoretical testing of measures to combat alcohol-related nightlife violence

Security and crime prevention / Prevention theory

Theoretical testing of measures to combat alcohol-related nightlife violence

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At the initiative of the Ministry of Security and Justice and the Public Prosecution Service a meeting of experts was held in June 2014 concerning the topic of Alcohol and Nightlife Violence. This meeting generated ideas about how to combat alcohol-related nightlife violence. Scientific literature was used to test the results of this meeting of experts in theory in a concise plan evaluation.
The ideas from the expert session are divided into five topics:
1 Variation in going out, layout of areas with pubs, caf├ęs and restaurants, influencing the senses;
2 Enforcement;
3 Raising public awareness of the risks;
4 Influencing behaviour;
5 Marketing and sales
The following research question was the guiding principle for each of these topics:
1 To what extent is it evident from the available literature that the proposed measures (relating to the various topics) could contribute to a reduction in alcohol-related nightlife violence?
In addition there was a supplementary research question:
2 What lessons can be learned from best practices in the approach to (alcohol-related) violence in nightlife areas?

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