Reoffending after forensic care in The Netherlands

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Reoffending after forensic care in The Netherlands

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In 2007, a new system for the forensic care sector was introduced in The Netherlands. Under the new system, forensic care is defined as mental health care, sub-stance abuse treatment and care for the intellectually disabled provided within the criminal justice system.
In 2016 the WODC began the five-year project Recidivism research for the forensic care sector. One goal of this project is the extension of WODC recidivism research to cover reoffending rates related to all remaining forensic care orders.
Forensic care is provided under a number of different judicial orders. These can be categorised as orders related to the tbs measure, the ISD measure, orders to receive forensic care during a prison sentence, orders to receive forensic care as a condition or requirement of a conditional sentence and miscellaneous orders.

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Drieschner, K., Hill, J., Weijters, G.
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The Hague
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Cahiers 2018-22

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