Fourth measurement of the monitor of aftercare for former prisoners

Detention and probation / Social consequences of detention

Fourth measurement of the monitor of aftercare for former prisoners

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To reduce high recidivism rates among former prisoners, reintegration-related issues of prisoners are tackled before their release during imprisonment. By facilitating cooperation between prison services, municipalities, and other co-operating partners, the Ministry of Security and Justice tries to properly prepare prisoners for their return to society.
For an optimal reintegration five basis conditions need to be met: obtaining a valid identity card, acquirement of income and housing, an inventory of outstanding debts and strategies how to deal with those debts, adequate physical and psychological care. The Monitor of Aftercare for Former Prisoners describes the situation of former prisoners with regard to these basic conditions immediately prior to imprisonment, immediately after release from imprisonment, and six months after release. The current report concerns the fourth measurement of the monitor, and focuses on detainees who were released from prison in the second semester of 2011 and 2012.

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Beerthuizen, M.G.C.J., Beijersbergen, K.A., Noordhuizen, S., Weijters, G.
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Cahiers 2015-11

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