Prostitution in the Netherlands 2014

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Prostitution in the Netherlands 2014


The goal of this report is to offer insight into the current state of affairs with respect to prostitution in the Netherlands in 2014, with a view to the proposed enactment of the WRP. This report is an overarching and summarising report, in which the main results of three studies (See links at: More information) are assembled.
The questions that this report will answer, to the extent possible, are:

  1. How have municipal policy, the supervision and enforcement in the prostitution sector been arranged, and with what results?
  2. What is the size of the licensed prostitution sector?
  3. What is the situation regarding non-legal prostitution, and what forms does this take? Where and in what forms do exploitation, underage prostitution and illegality occur, and do we have any idea of the size of this sector?
  4. How do prostitutes in the various sub-sectors of prostitution perceive their social position, with respect to labour relations, rights and duties, income, mobility, welfare and health and social status?

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Daalder, A.L.
Place of publication:
Den Haag
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2015-01

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