The revised asylum procedure

Migration and integration / Detention of aliens

The revised asylum procedure

An evaluation (full text only available in Dutch)


The PIVA programme [Programme for the introduction of the Improved Asylum Procedure: Programma Invoering Verbeterde Asielprocedure] was implemented on 1 July 2010. It introduced a large number of measures to improve the asylum procedure, the intention being to speed up and simultaneously improving the quality of the procedure. Supplementary goals were that rejection of an application would lead to the unsuccessful applicant’s departure from the Netherlands, rather than yet further proceedings or the applicant ending up on the street. The research reported here was under-taken to evaluate the revised procedure. The data were collected between November 2013 and June 2014.

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Böcker, A.G.M., Grütters, C.A.F.M., Laemers, M.T.A.B., Strik, M.H.A., Terlouw, A.B., Zwaan, K.M.
Radboud University - Onderzoekscentrum voor Staat en Recht , WODC
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Radboud University - Onderzoekscentrum voor Staat en Recht
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