From collective discontent to large-scale public disorder

From collective discontent to large-scale public disorder

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Since 2010 there has been a marked worldwide rise in the number of anti-government protests and large scale riots. Such events often have far-reaching consequences for national security and for social and political stability. In the Netherlands this rise has been less acute. But also here we see clear signs of collective discontent and a certain degree of concern about large-scale “unrest”. In this report we analyse the ways in which collective discontent may be expressed, by focusing on four questions:

  1. What forms of collective discontent lead to large-scale public disorder behaviour?
  2. What factors determine the scale of such disorders and their aftermath?
  3. What can governments do to prevent or reduce the magnitude of large-scale public disorder?
  4. What forms of collective discontent and large-scale public disorder may potentially harm the National security of the Netherlands?

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Postmes, T., Bezouw, M. van, Kutlaca, M.
Groningen University - Social psychology , WODC
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Groningen University
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Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Vakgroep Sociologie