The luster of the pearls

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The luster of the pearls

Investigation into the effectiveness of ‘Pearls in Policing’ and the connection with new policy (full text only available in Dutch)


The first international ‘Pearls in Policing’ (PiP) conference was held In 2007. This conference, modelled on the Bilderberg conference, is intended for eminent international police leaders. The reason for organizing the conference was the need to enhance the capacity of Dutch police leaders to venture into international arenas and to assume important positions there. The guiding questions for this investigation were as follows:

  • How has Pearls in Policing been operationalized over the past seven years, how have the resources been used, what has the organization achieved, how is it valued by those involved, what are the goals on which Pearls in Policing are based, are these goals consistent with those of the organizations which fund Pearls in Polic-ing, and to what extent have the goals been attained?
  • Can the goals of Pearls in Policing also be achieved in a different way, what can Pearls in Policing learn from similar initiatives, and how can Pearls in Policing fit in with the (adapted) country policy relating to international police collaboration?

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Winter, H., Struiksma, N., Schol, M., Schudde, B., Zee, T. van der
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