Crisis and Recovery Act

Criminal justice proceedings / Legal proceedings

Crisis and Recovery Act

evaluation of provisions relating to judicial procedures (full text only available in Dutch)


On 31 March 2010 the Chw (Crisis- en herstelwet = Crisis and Recovery Act) came into force. The purpose of the Chw is to accelerate the execution of infrastructure, construction, sustainability, energy and innovation projects in order to alleviate the economic crisis and to promote the recovery of the economic structure of the Netherlands. To this end, Chapter 1 of the Chw contains provisions intended to accelerate decision-making and legal protection procedures relating to these projects.
Article 5.9a of the Chw regulates the evaluation of the operation of the instruments listed in Chapter 1 of the Chw with the aim of accelerating and improving the projects to which these instruments apply. The current evaluation has been carried out to meet the provisions of Article 5.9a Chw.

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Marseille, A.T., Waard, B.W.N., Graaf, K.J. de, Ling, P.C.E. van, Tolsma, H.D., Verheul, E.F.
State University Groningen, Tilburg University, WODC
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State University Groningen/ Tilburg University
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