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Youth Crime & Media

A study into the news coverage of youth crime in a changing media landscape (full text only available in Dutch)


After an increase during the period 2000-2007 we see a clear decline in registered youth crime. The question remains whether this positive development is reflected in the public and political debate on this topic. One indicator for this is the amount of attention media paid to the topic and the way they reported about the topic. In this study this is researched along the following research question:

  1. How do media cover youth crime and its development?
  2. A possible discrepancy between media coverage and real world developments can be explained by analyzing the processes in which the news coverage originate. These analyses will be guided by the following research questions: If the news coverage is not in accordance with the facts/shows a bias; What are the processes that lead to the found discrepancies? What measures can be taken in order to make the news coverage more in accordance with the actual facts?

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Ruigrok, N., Gagestein, S., Atteveldt, W. van, Slotboom, A.-M., Jacobi, C.
LJS Media Research, Taalstrategie, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, WODC
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LJS Research
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