Towards a two-stage process?

Criminology and victimology / Oral victim impact statement

Towards a two-stage process?

On the pros and cons of criminal proceedings in two stages, in relation to the positions of victim and defendant (full text available only in Dutch)


The primary task of this research is to properly weigh the various interests and arguments put forward for a two-stage process. The victims' position and the manner of conducting criminal proceedings have been analysed from a legal perspective, intervieuws have been conducted with lawyers in this area and relevant aspects of the substantive and procedural criminal law in several countries (Belgium, England & Wales, Germany and Sweden) have been identified.

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Keulen, B.F., Dijk, A.A. van, Gritter, E., Kwakman, N.J.M., Lindenberg, K.
Groningen University - Faculty of Law, WODC
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Groningen University - Faculty of Law
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Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid