Effectiveness study Tools4U

Effectiveness study Tools4U

Effects on cognitive and social skills (full text only available in Dutch)


Tools4U is an outpatient behavioral intervention consisting of an individual training in cognitive and social skills, which is applied as a (penal) sanction for juvenile delinquents. The training is intended for delinquent juveniles (12 to 18 years), who have committed one or more offenses and for whom lack of cognitive and social skills was related to delinquent behavior. Apart from the regular (individual) training of the juveniles, there is a ‘plus-version’ in which lack of parental supervision and inadequate parental problem-solving abilities are addressed during extra meetings.
The current study examined the effectiveness of Tools4U for the third evaluation (post hoc) of the Dutch Ministry of Justice Accreditation Committee for Behavioral Interventions. The Tools4U treatment group of 115 juveniles from the previous study (Van der Stouwe et al., 2013) was compared to a matched control group to examine whether Tools4U juveniles showed more progress in social and cognitive skills than juveniles with other penal sanctions.

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Stouwe, T. van der , Asscher, J.J., Stams, G.J.J.M., Laan, P.H. van der
University of Amsterdamb - Forensic Child and Youth Care Sciences, WODC
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University of Amsterdam, Forensic Child and Youth Care Sciences
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Universiteit van Amsterdam - Faculteit Pedagogische wetenschappen

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