Coffeeshops, tourists and the local market

Crime and delinquency / Drugs and crime

Coffeeshops, tourists and the local market

Evaluation of the private club and the residence criterion for Dutch coffeeshops - Final report (full text only available in Dutch)


By tightening the coffeeshop policy, the government sought to make coffeeshops smaller and more controllable, to reduce the nuisance and criminality associated with coffeeshops, to combat the trade in illicit drugs and to reduce the number of foreign visitors attracted by Dutch policy. Coffeeshops were expected to serve the local market only. The study researched the actual effects of this tightened policy.

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Ooyen-Houben, M. van, Bieleman, B., Korf, D., Giessen, M. van der (ass.), Mennes, R. (ass.), Nijkamp, R. (ass.), Snippe, J.M. (ass.), Benschop, A. (ass.), Nabben, T. (ass.), Wouters, M. (ass.)
WODC, Intraval, University of Amsterdam - Bonger Institute
Place of publication:
The Hague
Year of publication:
Cahiers 2014-12

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