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Themes with lists of keywords

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Constitutional and administrative law / Basic rights

Entity reconciliation using object similarity; case 'matching person entities without the existence of a common identifier'

Research with publication | 28-04-2009

Evaluation of the privacy code of the private investigation industry

The aim of the evaluation is to reveal how the privacy code is applied in practice by private investigative and detective...

Research with publication | 05-02-2008

Liberty, equality and fraternity

This themed issue illustrates the conflicts that exist in people’s views on 'liberty, equality and fraternity', addressing...

Publication | 12-12-2007

Evaluation of the Personal Data Protection Act; first phase

The aim of the evaluation is to describe whether and if so, in what way, the Personal Data Protection Act [Wet bescherming...

Research with publication | 16-05-2007

Religion and basic rights

This themed issue focuses on the influence of religion in the public domain. Examples include the relationships between...

Publication | 21-02-2007

Blasphemy, religion-related discriminatory speech, and hate speech; an inventory

After the murder of Theo van Gogh (November 2, 2004) the Dutch minister of Justice announced that a possible extension of the...

Research with publication | 15-12-2006

Identity fraud

Identity fraud and theft are frequently thought of as problems that are an issue mostly in the United States and – to a...

Publication | 01-11-2006

Forensic DNA investigation: an exploration based on legal comparison

This report contains a study based on legal comparison of the legal framework for the application of forensic DNA...

Research with publication | 09-12-2005

Cultural diversity

Publication | 30-06-2002

Protection of fundamental rights in a digital age; Report on an international discussion

On January 26, 2000, the Dutch Commission on Fundamental Rights in a Digital Age made available its draft proposals for new...

Publication | 01-06-2000

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