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Themes with lists of keywords

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Crime and delinquency / Sexual offence

Prostitution in the Netherlands since the lifting of the brothel ban

The aim of this study is to provide information on the state of affairs regarding prostitution in the Netherlands in 2006 in...

Research with publication | 24-04-2007

Evaluation of lifting the ban on brothels; illegal prostitution

In 2000 the ban on brothels was lifted. This study is concerned with the current situation in the prostitution sector, with a...

Research with publication | 13-04-2007

Enhancing the protection of minors against forms of sexual abuse : evaluation of the 2002 amendments to decency legislation

There have been several amendments to decency legislation in recent decades. This research was concerned with acquiring...

Research with publication | 25-08-2006

Serious violent and sexual offenders with a mental disorder; An inventory of legislation and practical experience in the forensic psychiatric systems and the prison systems in England, Germany, Canada, Sweden and Belgium

This report describes the results of a study which took inventory of the manner in which various countries – namely England,...

Research with publication | 16-05-2006

Development and evaluation of the Agression Control Therapy for violent forensic psychiatric patients

The following questions were formulated: 1. Can Agression Control Therapy be implemented as intended? Does it result in a...

Research with publication | 10-03-2006

Sexual delinquency

This themed issue deals with both the social visions on sexual delinquency and developments in studies into causes and...

Publication | 04-02-2005

Paedosexual delinquency; A study into prevalence, circumstances and criminal justice interventions

The number of registered suspects of paedosexual offences has decreased since 1996. In that year, almost 1800 suspects of...

Research with publication | 16-07-2004

Sexual delinquency and Exploitation

Publication | 01-01-2001

Effectiveness of correctional treatment; A literature survey

This study surveys available literature to establish the proven or probable characteristics which penal interventions must...

Publication | 01-01-2001

Safe reintegration of sexual offenders

The need for supervision and control of child molesters and other sexual delinquents after prison is a hotly debated issue in...

Publication | 01-01-2001

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