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Themes with lists of keywords

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Constitutional and administrative law / National government

Project 'Damage Donation for Retailers': evaluation of program theory and implementation process; (full text available only in Dutch)

Damage Donation for Retailers is a project in which retailers make use of a provision in Dutch Civil Law to regain some of...

Research with publication | 25-01-2010

Evaluation of the pilot scheme 'ZOET' - a view of forensic psychiatric patients in Enschede; (full text available only in Dutch)

On 4 March 2007, an Enschede resident detained under a hospital order caused a fatal shooting incident in Enschede. The...

Research with publication | 26-06-2009

Compensation for damages for legitimate and illegimate punishable government action

This report contains the account of descriptive research into the practice of compensation for damages for legitimate en...

Research with publication | 22-01-2009

Involvement of the Netherlands Ministry of Justice in Dutch interventions before the Court of the European Communities

This research intended to gain an insight into the current intervention policy of the Ministry of Justice and to use that...

Research with publication | 27-10-2008

Evaluation of the 'Organisation and Administration of Courts Act' and the 'Judicial Organisation Act'

The aim of the study is to describe the current state of affairs four years after the date on which the Acts were introduced....

Research with publication | 14-12-2006

Evaluation of the Action Program Strengthening Enforcement

The action program holds four ambitions:  - to strenghten the attention for enforcement on the political agenda - to...

Research with publication | 25-08-2006

Enforcement of the Marriages of Convenience (Prevention) Act : evaluation of the consequences of changes in the Netherlands Civil Code for the workload of the Immigration Police and the local authorities

Research with publication | 09-07-2004

Use of police registrations and development capture-recapture methods

Research with publication | 18-04-2003

No home, no haven

Publication | 28-02-1998

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