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Themes with lists of keywords

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Criminology and victimology / Victim assistance

Violence against the police; handling of cases with respect to procedure and criminal proceedings

This is a study into the way in which violent crime cases against police officers are dealt with and the treatment of victims...

Research with publication | 09-01-2009

Evaluation of the project 'restorative detention' in penitentiary institution Nieuwegein

The aim of the evaluation was to map the set-up and realisation of the project and to explore the possibillities for general...

Research with publication | 01-10-2008

Forecasting the demand on the Dutch justice system until 2013

This report describes the forecasting results of the 'demand' for police, prosecution service, courts and prisons until the...

Research with publication | 16-09-2008

Referring victims to specialist services by the Dutch victim support organisation 'Slachtofferhulp Nederland'

This is an exploratory study into the referral patterns from Slachtofferhulp Nederland to other service and aid...

Research with publication | 29-08-2008

Repeat victimization; Evaluation of the project Repeat Vicitimization

This project was executed between 2004 and 2007 in the Limburg region in the Netherlands under the direction of Victim...

Research with publication | 26-08-2008

Victimización en la perspectiva internacional; Resultados principales de la ENICRIV y ENECRIS 2004-2005

Este reporte presenta los principales resultados de las encuestas que fueron realizades como parte del quinto levantamiento...

Publication | 29-07-2008

Criminal Victimisation in International Perspective; Key findings from the 2004-2005 ICVS and EU ICS

This report presents the key results of the crime victim surveys that were carried out as part of the fifth sweep of the...

Research with publication | 04-03-2008

Needs of crime victims; Systematic review of empirical research into the self expressed needs of victims (full text available only in Dutch)

The research questions are: What needs do victims of crime have, as shown by empirical research?What general needs are there...

Research with publication | 11-01-2008

Trafficking in human beings

The fight against human trafficking has become top priority on the political and investigative agenda in recent years. The...

Publication | 31-10-2007

The practice of compensation for damages to crime victims

This is a study into the procedure followed by the police and the Public Prosecutions Service in making arrangements for...

Research with publication | 12-10-2007

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