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Themes with lists of keywords

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Police and law enforcement / Method of investigation

Undercover policing; regulation, implementation and results of undercover operations (full text available only in Dutch)

This study was performed on the basis of the following central research question: What undercover powers are exercised...

Research with publication | 04-12-2009

The Act on Special Investigative Powers in practice; decision making on the exercise of special investigation powers to tackle organized crime

The purpose of this study is to gain insight in the significance of Titel IVa and V of the Act on Special Investigative...

Research with publication | 15-04-2009

Collecting of information on substance abuse by perpetrators of violence

On the basis of the government's ambition to reduce alcohol- and drug-related violence, work has been done in the past few...

Research with publication | 15-08-2008

Social network analysis; (full text available only in Dutch)

Social networks can be considered as a promising perspective to provide key information about the functioning of criminal...

Publication | 14-08-2008

Circling the perpetrator; intelligence-led DNA screening as an investigative tool

The central research question of this study reads: "Which considerations play a role in the application of an...

Research with publication | 24-11-2006

Possibilities and restrictions to realize a 'national forensic database'

In the safety programme entitled ‘Towards a safer society’, the Cabinet ministers with responsibility in police matters...

Research with publication | 08-02-2006

Use, organisation and quality of scene of crime examination by the police in the Netherlands

The following themes are dealt with in this study 1. availability and use of forensic expertise; 2. usability and...

Research with publication | 18-11-2005

The Act on Special Investigative Police Powers; final evaluation

The overall research question focuses on the extent to which the objectives of the Act itself are met in practice, and from...

Research with publication | 29-10-2004

Criminal investigation

Publication | 22-06-2004


Publication | 30-05-2003

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