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Themes with lists of keywords

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Crime and delinquency / Sexual offence

Prevention of repeat victimization; A research synthesis on measures to prevent repeat victimization

The basic questions of this study are: what measures to prevent repeat victimization can be found in the academic literature...

Research with publication | 26-08-2008

Brain mechanisms and antisocial behavior; Neurobiological research and issues concerning the explanation, reduction and prevention of criminality (full text available only in Dutch)

In recent years, there has been a great deal of investment in the development of effective behavioural interventions aimed at...

Research with publication | 30-05-2008

Criminal Victimisation in International Perspective; Key findings from the 2004-2005 ICVS and EU ICS

This report presents the key results of the crime victim surveys that were carried out as part of the fifth sweep of the...

Research with publication | 04-03-2008

Agression and violence between employees and employees and supervisors

This partial report looks into mutual aggression and violence (OAG) among colleagues and supervisors in penitentiary...

Research with publication | 26-02-2008

Supervision programmes for offenders and forensic psychiatric patients; Effectiveness and mechanisms that are assumend to be effective (full text available only in Dutch)

This study investigates current national and international knowledge regarding the effectiveness of extramural (intensive)...

Research with publication | 01-02-2008

The costs of crime

The following two questions are central to the study: how can we determine the relationship between the scope of recorded as...

Research with publication | 26-09-2007

Nature, scope and risks of instrumental forms of teenage sex

The aim of the study is to provide an insight into what is known about specific types of sexual behaviour amongst young...

Research with publication | 21-09-2007

Juvenile group sex offenders

This report gives an overview of what is known from the scientific literature about juvenile group sex offenders. In...

Research with publication | 21-09-2007

Justice and demographics: on declining percentage of youth, ageing and colouring; Changes in the population make-up and consequences for Justice

On 11 May 2006, the WODC and the NIDI organised a joint congress dealing extensively with issues surrounding the relationship...

Research with publication | 18-09-2007

Criminogenic needs in offenders who are eligible for behavioural interventions

The goal of this study is to present an overview of the prevalence and nature of criminogenic needs among the group of...

Research with publication | 03-07-2007

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