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Themes with lists of keywords

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Civil law and civil procedure / Settlement of disputes

Mediation Monitor 2005-2008; final report (full text available only in Dutch)

The aim of the research is to analyse to what extent the financial and referral provisions have been used and what results...

Research with publication | 23-11-2009

Evaluation of the Personal Data Protection Act in practice; second phase

The central question is: To which degree meets the functioning of the Personal Data Protection Act in practice with the...

Research with publication | 23-01-2009

Dispute resolution behaviour; an overview of explanations

This study addresses the lack of knowledge bij bringing together, in a structured manner, an inventory of the existing...

Research with publication | 19-01-2009

Monitor Mediation 2008; Interim report

This interim report provides an overview in figures of the 2007 state of affairs regarding the referral facilities and the...

Research with publication | 15-09-2008

The judge as chain partner

This themed issue highlights the objections or arguments that may be voiced by partners in the administration of justice,...

Publication | 24-09-2007

Towards a 'practical legal order'; Contributions from the social sciences

This report focuses on the promotion of both the role that prosocial standards play in terms of people's behaviour and the...

Research with publication | 07-08-2007

Mediation monitor 2007; Interim report

To promote people's familiarity with and the use of mediation, policy measures (mediation facilities at Legal Counters and...

Research with publication | 01-05-2007

Dispute settlement in the Netherlands; Civil and administrative dispute proceedings in the legal system

This fact sheet offers a limited overview of policy information about the use of various forms of dispute settlement, based...

Publication | 28-02-2007

The filter effect of extrajudicial procedures - an exploratory study

This exploratory study is aimed at a specific aspect of extrajudicial settlement of disputes: the further referral of such...

Research with publication | 28-02-2007

Dispute resolution : a comparison between non-western immigrants and native Dutch people; a theoretical-empirical study

About 10% of the people living in the Netherlands are non-western immigrants. In the light of the social-economic and...

Research with publication | 06-10-2006

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