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Themes with lists of keywords

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To hear, to see and to obtain?; A study into the functioning of the self-regulation systems 'Kijkwijzer' and PEGI (Pan European Game Information) (full text available only in Dutch)

To inform parents about and protect children and adolescents against violent or otherwise harmful media content, a system of...

Research with publication | 12-09-2008

Aggression and violence, posttraumatic stress and absenteeism in penitentiaries

The aim of the Judicial Penitentiary Service (DJI) is to gain insight into the possible effects of aggression and violence...

Publication | 18-03-2008

Agression and violence between employees and employees and supervisors

This partial report looks into mutual aggression and violence (OAG) among colleagues and supervisors in penitentiary...

Research with publication | 26-02-2008

Training of prison personnel in 'Verbal Judo'; plan and process evaluation

"Verbal Judo" is a method in which people approach others in a calm and empathic manner in order to generate voluntary...

Research with publication | 26-11-2007

Biology and criminology

More than six years after the themed issue 'Biologic factors of aggressive behaviour' (in 2000), another special issue on the...

Publication | 18-12-2006

Development and evaluation of the Agression Control Therapy for violent forensic psychiatric patients

The following questions were formulated: 1. Can Agression Control Therapy be implemented as intended? Does it result in a...

Research with publication | 10-03-2006

Images of children

Today’s children are regarded as articulate and are taken seriously. Their opinions count. Industry provides an incessant...

Publication | 27-07-2005

Children below 12 with a first police contact in the Netherlands : pilot study of relevant socio-demographic, psychiatric, psychological, and crime-related factors

Research with publication | 14-01-2005

Biological factors of criminal behavior

Publication | 30-04-2000

Developments in youth violence

Publication | 28-02-2000

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