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Themes with lists of keywords

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Criminal justice proceedings / Suspects

Modalities and statutory regulations of serving of documents in criminal cases; Comparative law (full text available only in Dutch)

The central research question is: 'What statutory regulations and modalities exist in the surveyed countries (Belgium,...

Research with publication | 09-01-2013

The Decryption Order and the privilege against self-incrimination; Do developments since 2000 suggest a need to force suspects to decrypt? (full text available only in Dutch)

A study carried out in 2000 concluded that it is a major breach of the privilege to compel suspects to decrypt their data and...

Research with publication | 09-11-2012

Evaluation of the requirement for the presence of the parents in juvenile court; (full text available only in Dutch)

The 'Act strengthening the position of the victim' came into effect in its entirety on 1 January 2011. One component of this...

Research with publication | 02-02-2012

The decrease in the number of impositions detentions under a hospital order with compulsory psychiatric treatment; developments and backgrounds (full text available only in Dutch)

Detention under a hospital order (the so-called tbs system) is a treatment measure that judges can impose on defendants who...

Research with publication | 17-02-2011

On the presence of legal advisers during police interrogations; influence of prior consultation and presence of lawyers on the organization and way of interrogating and suspect's position (full text available only in Dutch)

The central research question reads as follows: How do first police interrogations with prior consultation and the...

Research with publication | 15-10-2010

Unsupervised periods between the end of pretrial detention and enforcement of the conditional hospital order

The objective of this study is to provide insight into the extent to which unsupervised periods occur between the end of...

Research with publication | 16-12-2008

Denying or confessing suspects; How many suspects tend to co-operate with police investigations?

The discussion of special police interview methods (such as the Zaanland interrogation method) involves suspects who fail to...

Publication | 01-01-2000

Registered crime in the Netherlands 1965-1991

Publication | 12-11-1992

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