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Criminal justice proceedings / Criminal procedure

European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics - 2006; Third edition

This third edition is a partial update of the second edition (2003) and covers the years 2000-2003. The European Sourcebook...

Research with publication | 01-08-2006

Expenditure on crime in the Netherlands

This is an English reprint of Chapter 7 from: Eggen, A.Th.J., W. van der Heide (eds.) Criminaliteit en rechtshandhaving 2004:...

Publication | 27-03-2006

Forecasting for the criminal justice system

This report describes forecasting "the demand" for police, prosecution service, courts and prisons until the end of 2010.

Research with publication | 15-11-2005

A forecasting model of the Dutch justice chains : the criminal justice chain

In 2003 the ministers of Finance, Justice, and Internal Affairs agreed that the ministry of Justice would take the lead in...

Research with publication | 03-09-2004

The Dutch criminal justice system; organization and operation - second revised edition

This book covers both the organization of the present Dutch criminal justice system and the main procedures used within the...

Publication | 01-01-2004

European Sourcebook of crime and criminal justice statistics - 2003 - second edition

How do the police deal with crime throughout Europe? How do prosecutorial systems compare with each other? How many offenders...

Research with publication | 12-12-2003

Justice and the media

Publication | 30-08-2002


Publication | 30-11-2000

Crime Trends in Europe

Publication | 30-03-2000

The Dutch criminal justice system; organization and operation; 1st ed.

A updated 2nd edition of this report was published in 2003.

Publication | 01-01-2000

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