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Themes with lists of keywords

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An approach to organized crime in three experimental gardens; first findings (full text available only in Dutch)

Experimental gardens are learning environments aimed at intelligence gathering, in which the Public Prosecution Service and...

Research with publication | 22-11-2010

The informal economy; (full text available only in Dutch)

Publication | 03-11-2010

Illegal uncaccompanied minor aliens; (full text available only in Dutch)

The starting point of this research is the lack of knowledge on the living conditions and considerations of undocumented...

Research with publication | 10-09-2010

Between control and support; an evaluation of the pilot 'protected reception for UMAs at risk (full text available only in Dutch)

For many years now, it has been observed that part of the unaccompanied minor asylum seekers (UMAs) leave their reception...

Research with publication | 28-05-2010

The programme-based approach to combating human trafficking; plan and process evaluation of a pilot (full text available only in Dutch)

The central questions of this investigation are: Which policy theory forms the basis of the programme-based approach to...

Research with publication | 14-07-2009

Adoption under fire; (full text available only in Dutch)

Publication | 06-11-2008

Position of victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands; First trend report

This is the first evaluation of the position of victims of human trafficking. The Monitor Trafficking in Human Beings focuses...

Research with publication | 23-11-2007

Trafficking in human beings

The fight against human trafficking has become top priority on the political and investigative agenda in recent years. The...

Publication | 31-10-2007

Intelligence-led investigations into organised crime; (full text available only in Dutch)

This study analyses how the concept of 'intelligence-led investigation' works in practice. To this end the authors analyse...

Research with publication | 15-06-2007

Prostitution in the Netherlands since the lifting of the brothel ban

The aim of this study is to provide information on the state of affairs regarding prostitution in the Netherlands in 2006 in...

Research with publication | 24-04-2007

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