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Criminal justice proceedings / Sentencing

The decrease in the number of impositions detentions under a hospital order with compulsory psychiatric treatment; developments and backgrounds (full text available only in Dutch)

Detention under a hospital order (the so-called tbs system) is a treatment measure that judges can impose on defendants who...

Research with publication | 17-02-2011

Punishing very serious crimes committed by juveniles

The aim of the study is twofold: To provide insight into the way in which judges react to very serious crimes committed by...

Research with publication | 27-02-2009

The influence of judges on the execution of sanctions

The main question of this study is to what extent do the courts use the power they have to give taylor-made orders with a...

Research with publication | 13-02-2009

Discrimination under the criminal law

This research covers the years 2000-2005 and is aimed at examining the way in which the Public Prosecution Service and the...

Research with publication | 23-11-2007

Possibilities for expanding suspended modalities in relation to suspended prison sentence and suspension of the pre-trial detention of adults

This study centres on three themes: The suspended sentence in international perspective. Trends in sentencing practice....

Research with publication | 28-04-2006

Judicial sanctions capacity forecast : period 2001-2006

This report presents the third update of the judicial sanctions capacity forecast drawn up under the responsibility of the...

Research with publication | 01-01-2003

Prosecution in juvenile criminal cases

The aim of this research memorandum is to provide an insight into the application of, and experiences with, the sentencing...

Publication | 01-11-2000

The shady side of sanctioning

Publication | 30-05-2000

Informatisation and sentencing

Publication | 30-08-1998

Average length and volume of unconditional custodial sanctions 1985-1995

Publication | 01-01-1998

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