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Themes with lists of keywords

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Police and law enforcement / International cooperation

The Ministry of justice on the world stage, on the road towards an internal balance; evaluation of the international policies of the Ministry of Justice and DEIA in particular

The purpose of this research is to understand the role and influence of the Ministry of Justice, and the Department for...

Research with publication | 09-04-2010

Evaluation of the Dutch national drug policy; (full text available only in Dutch)

The primary aim of this study is to establish the extent to which the main objective of Dutch national drug policy has been...

Research with publication | 02-07-2009

Transnational cooperation between supervisory authorities in Europe

The central research question is the following: how have the Netherlands and other member states of the European Union...

Research with publication | 13-02-2009

Immigrant integration indicators; Proposals for contributions to the formulation of a system of common integration indicators

The project's aim is to contribute to the building of a common system of indicators to measure immigrant integration in...

Research with publication | 10-07-2007

International criminal tribunals

International criminal law has developed at breakneck speed over the past ten years. This themed issue features one...

Publication | 30-06-2006

Bottlenecks occuring in the process of international cooperation in confiscation matters

This study is intended to provide insight into the procedures of international cooperation in confiscation of illegaly...

Research with publication | 07-04-2006

The Act on Special Investigative Police Powers; final evaluation

The overall research question focuses on the extent to which the objectives of the Act itself are met in practice, and from...

Research with publication | 29-10-2004

Harmonisation in forensic expertise; An inquiry into the desirability of and opportunities for international standards

This volume contains contributions regarding different aspects of the following questions: What are the differences and...

Publication | 01-06-2000

Asylum policy under pressure

Publication | 01-01-1999

Art and criminality

Publication | 28-02-1997

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