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Themes with lists of keywords

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Migration and integration / Integration

Applying double standards?; Discrepancies between immigrant pupils' grades in school-based and national examinations in Dutch Secondary Education

Research with publication | 16-06-2008

Relations between students of different ethnic background in secondary education

This study comprises an inventory and analysis of scientific texts. The texts concern the reporting of empirical research of...

Research with publication | 28-04-2008

Resettled refugees; Policy and social position in national and international perspective (full text available only in Dutch)

This study's main question was: 'What is the social position of resettled refugees and are there demonstrable factors that...

Research with publication | 22-02-2008

Integration policy of the central Dutch government investigated; A synthesis of results from evaluation and monitoring research, 2003-2006

This research synthesis has been carried out in order to gain an insight into the quality of the recently implemented...

Research with publication | 10-07-2007

Immigrant integration indicators; Proposals for contributions to the formulation of a system of common integration indicators

The project's aim is to contribute to the building of a common system of indicators to measure immigrant integration in...

Research with publication | 10-07-2007

Integration policies for ethnic minorities; A synthesis of 16 recent evaluation studies in the Netherlands

This is a summary of the results of a synthesis of recent evaluation research on the Duch integration policy.

Publication | 10-07-2007

Status and progress of the Integration Monitor ; Een theoretische verdieping en een thematische verbreding van de Integratiekaart 2006

The Integration Monitor gives an overview of the posititon of ethnic minorities in different social areas, and of the...

Research with publication | 24-05-2007

Five years after Fortuyn

What was the influence of (the murder of) politician Pim Fortuyn on the Dutch society?

Publication | 05-04-2007

The Integration Monitor 2006

The Integration Monitor presents an image of the posititon of various ethnic minority groups in different social fields, and...

Publication | 06-11-2006

Evaluation research

This themed issue was inspired not only by the explosive increase in the number of evaluations in the Netherlands and other...

Publication | 16-12-2005

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