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Themes with lists of keywords

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Criminology and victimology / Crime trends

European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics - 2006; Third edition

This third edition is a partial update of the second edition (2003) and covers the years 2000-2003. The European Sourcebook...

Research with publication | 01-08-2006

Suspected of crime : a closer look at persons of foreign and Dutch origin

This report describes the proportion of population groups of foreign or Dutch origin among those persons recorded by the...

Research with publication | 02-02-2005

European Sourcebook of crime and criminal justice statistics - 2003 - second edition

How do the police deal with crime throughout Europe? How do prosecutorial systems compare with each other? How many offenders...

Research with publication | 12-12-2003

Homicide in the Netherlands in 1998

The actual number of scientific studies into homicide and manslaughter is limited, as detailed or structurally gathered...

Publication | 01-12-2001

Criminal victimization in seventeen industrialized countries; Key findings from the 2000 International Crime Victims Survey

The International Crime Victimisation Survey (ICVS) is the most far-reaching programma of fully standardised sample surveys...

Publication | 01-07-2000

Crime Trends in Europe

Publication | 30-03-2000

Young and violent; Violent crime among juveniles in the Netherlands - trends and causes

This survey on violent crime by youngsters focuses on the following three questions: How has violent crime amongst youngsters...

Publication | 01-01-1999


Publication | 30-11-1997

Crime and Criminal Justice in an Integrated Europe

Publication | 30-03-1997

Crime and law enforcement; about victims, offenders and criminal law

This report contains a lot of data on the present situation in the criminal justice system. In the report comparisons have...

Publication | 15-08-1996

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