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Themes with lists of keywords

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Crime and delinquency / Crime against personal freedom

Threatening and intimidating police officers and employees of the public prosecutor's office; (full text only available in Dutch)

The central questions are: What is the nature, frequency and consequence of threats against, and the intimidation of...

Research with publication | 14-04-2014

Risk factors for repeat victimization; a literature scan (full text available only in Dutch)

According to the scientific literature, what are the major risk factors for repeat victimization of property crime and...

Research with publication | 14-01-2014

Threat Management pilot; implementation and progress (full text available only in Dutch)

To investigate the progress of the pilot since the start of the pilot in 2011, the present process evaluation was conducted....

Research with publication | 09-09-2013

Solitary threateners; development of an instrument for risk assessment (full text available only in Dutch)

In this study a new personal index card was developed that can provide relevant data needed to assess the risk of solitary...

Research with publication | 11-04-2013

Evaluation of the pilot 'Threat Management'; (full text available only in Dutch)

In 2010, the pilot 'Threat Management' was introduced. This pilot focuses on (marginalised, troubled and fixated) individuals...

Research with publication | 10-10-2012

Milder offences More punishment; a study on the nature and the prosecution of youth crime in the Netherlands (full text available only in Dutch)

The problem addressed in this research report can be describes as follows: What specific acts have young people perpetrated...

Research with publication | 12-07-2012

Inappropriate behaviour among prison staff; state of the art in the year 2011 (full text available only in Dutch)

This report discusses the results of the prison staff survey of the Dutch prison system in the year 2011. Special attention...

Research with publication | 12-09-2011

Between control and support; an evaluation of the pilot 'protected reception for UMAs at risk (full text available only in Dutch)

For many years now, it has been observed that part of the unaccompanied minor asylum seekers (UMAs) leave their reception...

Research with publication | 28-05-2010

Forced marriage

A forced marriage often has a great impact on the victim in question, which is why politicians are asking the question what...

Research with publication | 12-02-2009

Never the same again; the consequences of crime for victims

This study aims to gain a clearer picture of the consequences of crime on victims and their families in order to be able to...

Research with publication | 11-02-2009

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