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Themes with lists of keywords

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Crime and delinquency / Property crime

Undergoing or undertaking; Developments in the nature and approach of business extortion (full text only available in Dutch)

The goal of this research is evaluating whether the launched approach goes according to plan, and whether the measures are...

Research with publication | 28-10-2014

Risk factors for repeat victimization; a literature scan (full text available only in Dutch)

According to the scientific literature, what are the major risk factors for repeat victimization of property crime and...

Research with publication | 14-01-2014

Frequent offenders: specialists or not?; A study into patterns in the nature of consecutive offences committed by high frequent offenders in their criminal career (full text available only in Dutch)

In this study is investigated whether high-frequent offenders specialise in certain types of crime and to what extent they...

Research with publication | 31-10-2013

Evaluation obligatory reporting punishable offences in detention under a hospital order (tbs); (full text available only in Dutch)

On 26 june 2008 a few sections of the Hospital Orders Regulations were amended. As a result of these amendments the head of...

Research with publication | 13-11-2012

Nodal governance of security; (full text available only in Dutch)

Publication | 17-02-2009

Criminal Victimisation in International Perspective; Key findings from the 2004-2005 ICVS and EU ICS

This report presents the key results of the crime victim surveys that were carried out as part of the fifth sweep of the...

Research with publication | 04-03-2008

Business extortion in the Netherlands

The research target is gaining an insight into the way business extortion occurs and develops, to subsequently come to...

Research with publication | 11-01-2008

The costs of crime

The following two questions are central to the study: how can we determine the relationship between the scope of recorded as...

Research with publication | 26-09-2007

Business Crime Monitor 2004-2005 (MCB)

Summary of the results of the Business Crime Monitor (MCB) 2004-2005, which aims to establish crime rates affecting Dutch...

Publication | 02-11-2006

Victims of crime amongst businesses and organisations 2002

Research with publication | 06-09-2002

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