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Themes with lists of keywords

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Criminology and victimology / Victims

Internal Crime in the Logistics Sector

This research implies to give insight into the nature and scope of internal crime in the logistics sector in the Netherlands,...

Research with publication | 13-05-2005

Paedosexual delinquency; A study into prevalence, circumstances and criminal justice interventions

The number of registered suspects of paedosexual offences has decreased since 1996. In that year, almost 1800 suspects of...

Research with publication | 16-07-2004

Police Monitor population 2003; national report (full text available only in Dutch)

The Police Monitor is the largest survey in the Netherlands carried out in the field of public safety.

Research with publication | 27-06-2003

Victims of crime amongst businesses and organisations 2002

Research with publication | 06-09-2002

Criminal victimization in seventeen industrialized countries; Key findings from the 2000 International Crime Victims Survey

The International Crime Victimisation Survey (ICVS) is the most far-reaching programma of fully standardised sample surveys...

Publication | 01-07-2000

Victims of crime in 22 European criminal justice systems; The implementation of Recommendation (85) 11 of the Council of Europe on the position of the victim in the framework of criminal law and procedure

This study is an analysis of the position of the victim of crime in 22 European criminal justice systems. The guiding light...

Publication | 09-06-2000

Domestic Victimization

Publication | 30-03-1998

Stalking; Victims, offenders, damage and measures

Stalking - the incessant bothering of a person by constantly following, watching, calling and/or sending letters to him or...

Publication | 01-03-1998

Crime and law enforcement; about victims, offenders and criminal law

This report contains a lot of data on the present situation in the criminal justice system. In the report comparisons have...

Publication | 15-08-1996

Victims in the criminal justice system; A study into the treatment of victims and its effects on their attitudes and behaviour

The findings concerning how the introduction of new legislation and guidelines have effected the treatment of victims in the...

Publication | 06-03-1996

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