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Themes with lists of keywords

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Enhancing the protection of minors against forms of sexual abuse : evaluation of the 2002 amendments to decency legislation

There have been several amendments to decency legislation in recent decades. This research was concerned with acquiring...

Research with publication | 25-08-2006

Plan of action on the approach of war crimes in the Netherlands

The key question of this second evaluation is whether or not the measures and activities which were formulated in the Plan of...

Research with publication | 13-01-2006

Sanctioning of fare dodgers in public transport

The subject of this study is the following problem: Which legal instrument is advisable and feasible in order to sanctin fare...

Research with publication | 02-09-2005

Public corruption in the Netherlands

What is the nature and extent of public corruption in the Netherlands, and how are cases of corruption dealt with in...

Research with publication | 19-08-2005

Experiences in practice with the application of the amendments to Article 141 of the Penal Code (acts of violence in public) and to Article 540 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (judicial command for the maintenance of public order

Research with publication | 17-09-2004

Paedosexual delinquency; A study into prevalence, circumstances and criminal justice interventions

The number of registered suspects of paedosexual offences has decreased since 1996. In that year, almost 1800 suspects of...

Research with publication | 16-07-2004

Racist violence in the Netherlands; Nature and extent, judicial reaction, offender types

The theme of 'racist violence in the Netherlands' was examined on the basis of three questions. The first question regards...

Publication | 01-01-1998

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