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Themes with lists of keywords

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Police and law enforcement / Police education

The function of the police: various visions; (full text only available in Dutch)

The research consisted of three sub-studies, a study of relevant policy and research documents, two focus group meetings with...

Research with publication | 05-04-2018

Evaluation of the physical skills test Dutch police; (full text only available in Dutch)

The physical skills test (abbreviated in Dutch as ‘FVT’) was developed to determine the fitness of police personnel. This...

Research with publication | 31-08-2017

Current trends in society that effect community policing; (full text only available in Dutch)

The Dutch Minister of Security and Justice initiated a research project: To make an inventory of the main trends in society...

Research with publication | 01-05-2017

Evaluation Dutch national expertise centre on diversity; (full text only available in Dutch)

In 2001, the Dutch National Expertise Centre on Diversity (Landelijke ExpertiseCentrum Diversiteit), hereinafter the LECD,...

Research with publication | 26-02-2015

Evaluation training Mental Strength; A plan, process, and an effect evaluation of the training mental strength for police officers (full text only available in Dutch)

Police personnel need to be able to withstand the many kinds of operational and organisational stress that police work can...

Research with publication | 03-02-2015

The luster of the pearls; Investigation into the effectiveness of ‘Pearls in Policing’ and the connection with new policy (full text only available in Dutch)

The first international ‘Pearls in Policing’ (PiP) conference was held In 2007. This conference, modelled on the Bilderberg...

Research with publication | 20-10-2014

Selecting police‐officer trainees; Evaluating the selection procedure of police officers at level 2 to 4 (full text only available in Dutch)

Each year, the Dutch police academy receives hundreds of applications from candidates who want to become a police officer....

Research with publication | 19-02-2014

Signing up for training courses by police officers at own initiative and with own investment; (full text available only in Dutch)

The main question of this study is: How can police officers be encouraged of facilitated to render them more inclined in...

Research with publication | 04-11-2013

The organisation of the criminal investigative power of 25 regional police forces

Commissioned by the Criminal Enforcement Department (DSH) of the Ministry of Justice, the Research and Documentation Centre...

Publication | 01-04-1998

Basic police training en police performance in the Netherlands; Some preliminary findings of an evaluation study on police training

The main objective of the study is to answer the question whether the basic police training program prepares the uniformed...

Publication | 01-01-1977

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