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Crime and delinquency / School and crime

Juvenile crime and justice

Internet sources in the Netherlands and international


Which characteristics in children (10 through 15 years old) are correlated with High Impact Crime careers later in life?; (full text only available in Dutch)

High impact crime (HIC) severely and negatively impacts the well- and safe-being of victims, and includes offenses such as...

Research with publication | 28-10-2019

Declining juvenile crime; (full text only available in Dutch)

Juvenile crime declined hugely in the last ten years, not only in the Netherlands but in almost all western countries. This...

Publication | 08-03-2017

Process evaluation of the Aggression Regulation Training at Dutch schools ; (full text available only in Dutch)

The Aggression Regulation Training (ART) was developed in America. The Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice initiated a...

Research with publication | 06-10-2011

Effectiveness of interventions targeting risk groups for aggression and violence in public and semi-public areas; (full text available only in Dutch)

For violence by risk groups to be successfully prevented it is necessary to have a good understanding of interventions which...

Research with publication | 10-05-2011

Evaluation of the pilot C&SCO-CAM; monitoring of the implementation and goals of a program to prevent violence at high schools in the Netherlands (full text available only in Dutch)

Prevention of school violence is of key importance in crime prevention and public safety policy. In this report, the Dutch...

Research with publication | 10-05-2011

Program integrity and effects of the "Stay in Love+" prevention program; a program for high school students aged 12-15 to prevent dating violence (full text available only in Dutch)

Een substantial number of adolescents encounter a form of dating violence in their romantic relationships. To prevent the...

Research with publication | 20-08-2010

Truants and school dropouts

Truancy and school dropouts present a rather substantial problem in the Netherlands. In 2004/2005 there were 57,000 school...

Publication | 21-09-2006

Antisocial behavior among children under twelve

This study provides an answer to the following research questions: what is the prevalence of anti-social behaviour amongst...

Research with publication | 08-05-2006

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