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Themes with lists of keywords

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Constitutional and administrative law / Professional ethics

Independent research; (full text only available in Dutch)

Publication | 27-05-2019

The Act Bibob and the competences of the administrative bodies to assess the probity; (full text only available in Dutch)

Since 1 June 2003 various administrative bodies can use the Public Administration Probity Screening Act (Wet Bibob) to assess...

Research with publication | 15-01-2015

Evaluation of the privacy code of the private investigation industry

The aim of the evaluation is to reveal how the privacy code is applied in practice by private investigative and detective...

Research with publication | 05-02-2008

2006 Legal profession trend report; Accessibility, continuity and quality of services (full text available only in Dutch)

Lawyers give legal advice and represent clients in legal proceedings. The legal profession is legally regulated in the...

Research with publication | 06-12-2007

Evaluation of the Public Administration Probity Screening Act

The Public Administration Probity Screening Act offers authorities and public services obliged to apply tendering procedures...

Research with publication | 11-05-2007

2006 trend report concerning bailiffs; accessibility, continuity and quality of official services

The Dutch Minister of Justice is reponsible for the primary duties of bailiffs, because these duties are in the interest of...

Research with publication | 03-04-2007

Professional ethics

This issue is about the question of whether and how professional ethics is changing under the influence of market operations,...

Publication | 29-04-2005

Promotion of Integrity Reviews by the Public Administration Act : zero-mesaurement

Research with publication | 02-04-2003

Organisational crime

Publication | 30-03-1999

Public accountants

Publication | 30-04-1998

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