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Criminology and victimology / Victim survey

Online victimization - prevalence, risk factors and consequences; (full text only available in Dutch)

Online crime victimization has become one of the major challenges in our digitalized society. Almost everybody is connected...

Research with publication | 28-11-2019

Further development of the Victim Monitor survey: a mixed-methods approach; (full text only available in Dutch)

The treatment and support of crime victims during criminal proceedings is considered crucial in the Netherlands. Various...

Research with publication | 10-09-2019

Secondary analysis quality measurement of victim support; (full text only available in Dutch)

In this report the findings of a study on characteristics of victims with negative experiences with the police and the...

Research with publication | 06-01-2015

Establishment of national security indices; (full text only available in Dutch)

In this study, a method will be defined to describe developments in crime, public nuisance and unsafety experiences as...

Research with publication | 05-11-2014

Victim Support Monitor factsheet; Experiences of victims receiving judicial victim support (first assessment) (full text available only in Dutch)

The Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) has set up the Victim Support Monitor in order to periodically assess the...

Research with publication | 04-09-2013

Closing the doors; towards an explanation of the international falls in crime (full text available only in Dutch)

This issue contains and edited version of the Prize Winner's lecture 'Closing the doors' delivered by the Dutch criminologist...

Publication | 27-11-2012

Continuation of the quality measurement instrument for victim assistance; (full text available only in Dutch)

This is the second report on the development of regular measurements of quality in the Dutch system of victim assistance. In...

Research with publication | 05-04-2011

Never the same again; the consequences of crime for victims

This study aims to gain a clearer picture of the consequences of crime on victims and their families in order to be able to...

Research with publication | 11-02-2009

Victimización en la perspectiva internacional; Resultados principales de la ENICRIV y ENECRIS 2004-2005

Este reporte presenta los principales resultados de las encuestas que fueron realizades como parte del quinto levantamiento...

Publication | 29-07-2008

Criminal Victimisation in International Perspective; Key findings from the 2004-2005 ICVS and EU ICS

This report presents the key results of the crime victim surveys that were carried out as part of the fifth sweep of the...

Research with publication | 04-03-2008

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