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Themes with lists of keywords

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Crime and delinquency / Absence from school

Juvenile crime and justice

Internet sources in the Netherlands and international


Effectiveness of the Halt programme; Conclusions and opportunities for improvement (full text only available in Dutch)

The Halt programme is an youth diversion programme the objective of which is to appropriately sanction young people under 18...

Research with publication | 09-08-2017

The Manual Criminal Prosecution School Absenteeism; A Process Evaluation (full text only available in Dutch)

Does the revised Manual Criminal Prosecution School Absenteeism lead to uniformity and consistency in addressing the problem...

Research with publication | 11-08-2015

The change in the number of juvenile suspects in Amsterdam, from 2005 through 2011; In search of an explanation (full text only available in Dutch)

The aim of this research was to obtain more insight into the possible backgrounds to the change in the number of registered...

Research with publication | 17-09-2014

Criminogenic risk factors and promotive factors in juveniles undergoing a screening by the Dutch Child Protection Board; an exploratory analysis of the degree of concern and the criminogenic risk factors and promotive factors identified by child welfare investigators (full text available only in Dutch)

This study provides an overview of the problems encountered by juveniles at the beginning of the judicial chain. The insights...

Research with publication | 06-07-2009

Evaluation of the effectivity of judicial interventions aimed at unauthorized absence from school

To determine the extent to which judicial interventions aimed at combating truancy in secondary education are effective, so...

Research with publication | 24-08-2007

Truants and school dropouts

Truancy and school dropouts present a rather substantial problem in the Netherlands. In 2004/2005 there were 57,000 school...

Publication | 21-09-2006

Towards an evaluation of convenants for antillian at-risk youngsters 2005-2008

In 2004, a memorandum on Antillean young people at risk was submitted to the Lower House. € 20 million is available for the...

Research with publication | 03-02-2006

Judicial approach of the truancy problem

Research with publication | 03-09-2004

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