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Elder abuse

JV, nr. 6, 2015

Although attention for elder abuse has been growing in the last couple of years, it is still difficult to get to grips with this phenomenon. For instance the size of the problem is still unknown. How to do reliable research on elder abuse is one of the topics dealt with in this special issue of Justitiële verkenningen (Judicial Explorations). The articles deal furthermore with the advantages and disadvantages of the dominant and rather broad definition of elder abuse. Elder abuse is often understood as the result of stress in personal relations between the elder and his (informal) care givers. However, some authors argue that elder abuse also is a result of the way in which society and its institutions are organized . Research shows that the elderly feel often marginalized and mistreated by ‘the system’. The prosecution of financial abuse of elderly is also a topic in this issue, while another article analyzes the so-called ‘levenstestament’, a power of attorney giving certain trusted people the authority to manage money affairs, property and medical decisions on behalf of an older person who is ill or mentally incapable. Also the Dutch policy aiming to fight and prevent elder abuse is described. On top of this two articles are dealing with elderly becoming victims of crime.

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