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Criminology en victimology

Internet sources in The Netherlands, Europe and international

Criminological institutes in the Netherlands

  • Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR)

    This site contains information on the activitities, research, publications, organization and personel.

  • Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology

    The Willem Pompe Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology is the Institute of Criminal Law of Utrecht University’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance. Members of staff of this department provide education in the fields of criminal law, the law of criminal procedure, European and international criminal law, criminal law and human rights, criminology, and forensic psychiatry and psychology. They also carry out research in these fields in connection with the research programme entitled "Criminal law and fundamental values in a changing world – shifting boundaries in the risk society".

    Willem Pompe Instute

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European criminological institutes

  • European Society of Criminology (ESC)

    This site contains information on conferences, a news letter and information on the journal Europan Journal of Criminology.

  • Criminological Documentation System, Institut für Kriminologie, Universität Tübingen

    This is the free accessible catologue of the criminological documentation system of the Institut für Kriminologie of the University of Tübingen in Germany.


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International criminological institutes

  • International Society of Criminology (ISC)

    The International Society for Criminology's objective is to promote activities and research designed to further a better understanding of the crime phenomenon on an international scale. The Society also helps to promote the prevention of crime as well as improve the procedures used by the various criminal justice systems. These activities, therefore, focus both on scientific and practical issues. The website contains information on congresses and other international events, annals, newsletters, the mission and a list of members.


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Victimology and victim care in the Netherlands and international

  • Intervict

    This site is part of the University of Tilburg and is a knowledge institute for victimology.

  • Victim Support the Netherlands

    This site gives information of the National Organization of Victim Support in the Netherlands. Victim Support the Netherlands uses the Google translation engine. Note that this is not an official, checked translation of the site. The automatic translation may differ from the original version.

    Victim Support
  • World Society of Victimology (WSV)

    The purpose of the WSV is to advance victimological research and practices around the world; to encourage interdisciplinary and comparative work and research in this field, and to advance cooperation between international, national, regional and local agencies and other groups who are concerned with the problems of victims.


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